Intestinal Disgorge - Scat Blast (2021)


The new album “Scat Blast” is available NOW on Bandcamp!

Intestinal Disgorge comes full circle after 21 years to deliver 17 new tracks of thick, disgusting, shitgrind delivered the way that only Intestinal Disgorge can.

What else do you need to know?

Oh, there’s no guitars, just three basses.

Live with MR BUNGLE

We are stoked and proud to announce that we will be supporting the legendary, almighty Mr. Bungle in San Francisco on February 8th along with Victims Family. We are flattered that the boys asked us to play, and we are beyond excited.

This will truly be one of the weirdest, heaviest nights in music history.

In the Studio

Intestinal Disgorge is in the studio recording a brand new, as-of-yet-untitled EP featuring 9 new tracks of blistering death/grind/noise mayhem. The EP blends the style of more recent albums with an old-school approach to vocals. In other words, the vocals are completely obnoxious.